Claim Our Space Now recognizes that everyone has unique and intersectional reasons for why they want to vote but they all come together to prove one thing - a desperate need for change.

We'd like to encourage everyone to share their reasons for voting loudly and proudly, both on and offline. Let's keep the fight alive, find unity in our need for change, and come together to CLAIM THE VOTE!

Claiming My Vote #ClaimItOutLoud

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Claim Our Space NOW's mission is to reclaim and uplift the Black and brown voices of those who have been pushed to the wayside. We want to see how you claim your space. Contact us at to be showcased.

by cozcon:

Anthony/ “cozcon” (they/them): Cozcon is a queer Black artist creating pieces that aim to expand the visual language of pop culture by adding to it images of contemporary black life using elements of high fashion, childhood cartoons and queer iconography. To support Cozcon, visit and follow on instagram @cozcon 🌼⁣

by Jade:

Jade Lilly. Florida native also known as @ShootMeJade, is the queen of bold subtleties and breathing the nuance of the black experience into her work. There is no limit to her creative direction as she moves as quickly as her camera’s shutter when capturing her Goddesses, Kings, and royals in between. Jade’s eye knows how to amplify the epitome of Black royals claiming space! Check out her Instagram page to see even more of her beautiful work.