Black & White Image of Jade Lilly


Florida native also known as @ShootMeJade, is the queen of bold subtleties and breathing the nuance of the black experience into her work. There is no limit to her creative direction as she moves as quickly as her camera’s shutter when capturing her Goddesses, Kings, and royals in between. Jade’s eye knows how to amplify the epitome of Black royals claiming space! Check out her Instagram page to see even more of her beautiful work.


We stay inspired in this fight for liberation through the celebration of Black victories in this centuries-old struggle against white supremacy. We intentionally carve out time to rest, heal, and restore our energy through Black revolutionary art, Black joy, and historic triumphs to combat burnout. The practice of joyful resistance allows us to sustain this challenging life-saving work in our communities, while healing and motivating one another to co-create new systems that affirm Black communities’ sovereignty.

Artists of Interest

Practicing Liberation with Black Art

As an organization, we recognize the mobilizing power of Black art. Toni Cade Bambara's quote "The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible" has guided us to imagine new ways of centering revolutionary Black artists and their work. Help us continue to support the work of 3 Black Artists propelling the movement forward.

Stay Inspired at Our Annual Rally for Freedom

Every year since our founding in 2020, we amplify, celebrate and protect Black LGBTQIA+ lives, particularly illuminating the power of Black femme, Trans and Non-Binary leadership. This event inspires and emboldens consistent anti-racist action while bringing the community together for a SICKENING, joyful, and safe celebration of PRIDE!

Services Provided:

COVID and HIV Testing, PPE, voter registration, mobile library with the Brooklyn Public Library, ASL interpretation, physical and spiritual therapy, free business headshots.


In 2020 we partnered with HeadCount, The Okra Project, Broadway Serves, GMHC, St. Luke’s Church (our host for HIV testing) and several other organizations to gather in Times Square to protesting the “Walking While Trans” law. We were joined by notable Black an queer artists and hundreds of community members who marched down with us on 7th avenue to the historic Stonewall Inn, where we concluded with reflective words and a moment of silence honoring the lives of our Black Trans siblings senselessly taken by the hands of racial injustice and transphobia.

In 2021, we accomplished our mission of bringing a joyous resistance and key resources to our community as we centered and honored our Black LGBTQ+ siblings’ with a healing program, rally, and featured a Black and Queer marketplace. Thanks to our partners at AVP who provided our staff and volunteers with essential de-escalation and community safety training. We were able to host a program of performances and speeches honoring the Black Trans folks that have led the fight for LGBTQ+ equality and had a powerful set of artists who helped us bring our mission to embolden consistent and urgent action to dismantle white supremacy and save our queer siblings lives.