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a twenty something year old creative engineer; using my total brain to pursue artistic creations with a focus on what is and what could be. i've been a photographer since the late 90s with the gift of a barbie polaroid camera. i became a mechanical engineer through attending north carolina agricultural & technical state university. it was in college where i discovered that my creativity and engineering loved to work together through me. my goal is to truly document and honor each emotion that graces my lens and to give a story to the emotion so that anyone can relate. i love simplistic views with random perspective angles or even putting together a collage or a logo. i always focus on the feeling. that's i'm mostly interested in. i believe to help my people i must teach my hardest lesson; emotion. by showing emotion in an amplified way that focuses on the details and perspective, i teach myself that there' s beauty in everything, even when i don't see it on the first glance. forever striving to see and show more; recalibrating.

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