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We claim our right to assemble and protest for the betterment of our lives and the lives of others.

Our National Claim the Vote popups with Headcount & GLAAD helped us get...
66 voter registrations
28 people counted in the census
Bringing in roughly $100,000 to the districts we popped up in!

Special thank you to our volunteers who helped us #ClaimTheVote

Claim Our Space. We won't be erased.

Voter Registration Checklist

Hey, Freedom Fighters! We've done research in 15 states with different registration and voting deadlines. To stay on track to Claim the Vote, click your state below to view your own helpful checklist.

Claim Our Space is partnering with HeadCount and GLAAD
to host census and voter registration pop-ups across the nation.

The work we are doing matters. So let's vote united. Want to join our national effort to #ClaimTheVote?
We're hosting voter pop-ups in a city near you.

Don't worry! We'll send you a kit with materials, tips, and tricks
to run a successful pop-up with your friends and family!
#ClaimTheVote #SpeakTruthToPower

Get involved.


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Election Day

November 3, 2020

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