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mission to ritualize collective action

Claim Our Space Now is a NYC Based and Black-Queer and Immigrant led nonprofit organization (EIN 86-1214774) focused on building and mobilizing community power by making activism accessible and dismantling systems of white supremacy through our three tenets: Inform, Inspire, Speak Truth to Power. As an intersectional coalition, we act as a multimedia resource online and on-the-ground to provide aid  and empower the Black community.

Meet The Team

Jasmine Oswalt
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Interim Secretary
Isabel Schnall
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Director of Partnerships
Pauli Pontrelli
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COResources Working Group
Mahayla Laurence
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Director of Operations
Caryalyn Jean
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Claim Our Education Now Volunteer
Marc Ella Roy
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Graphic Designer
Caitlyn Evans
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COFood Working Group
Lauren Hunkele
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Volunteer Coordinator

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A group of volunteers holding "claim the vote" materials and smiling at the camera
A text circle that says CLAIM OUR SPACE - we won't be erased
A text circle that says CLAIM OUR SPACE - we won't be erased

we won''t
be erased


Our mission is to ritualize consistent and urgent action to dismantle systems of white supremacy and save all Black lives. We build and mobilize power by making multimedia education, grassroots organizing, and consistent community care accessible to all. 

We do this through:

Base-Building: We make revolutionary resources, safe spaces, and direct actions accessible (across language, disability, cultures, generations, interests and more!) to build and preserve community power to claim the social change necessary to save all Black lives.

Leadership development: Our community organizers co-create with our board of directors to meaningfully connect our community through our initiatives and resources to make room for growth, trust, and experimentation as we collectively seek to transform the world around us and achieve systemic change

Consistent and Urgent Action: We ritualize direct actions to Educate, Motivate, Unionize, and Mobilize all in our community to dismantle white supremacy and co-create new equitable systems in its place



(Look familiar? See Black Panther 10 Point Program)