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We are creating a safe space for all to organize to dismantle white supremacy and save all Black lives. Want to know what volunteering with us is like? Hear it for yourself!


Being a COSpace volunteer has been such an incredible experience and I'm beyond proud of the work you and the team have been doing thus far. As the former copywriting volunteer at COSpace, I knew the work I was contributing was going to support their crucial mission. The entire team at COSpace is passionate, empowering, and dedicated to doing the work and it was always a positive experience. Being a volunteer felt more like being part of a community and I’m thankful for Marla, the marketing team, and the rest of the volunteers!

Diane Cardoso

In the midst of local, national, and world news that can make us feel so helpless, Claim Our Space Now is a place where people from different backgrounds can come together for a common goal: dismantling white supremacy and uplifting Black voices. Volunteering with COSN has allowed me to keep the "active" in activism, while also learning and building community. In my time on the Research Team and helping create the National Resource Directory, I have been able to put my best skills forward on a schedule that works for me. This experience has reminded me that we cannot expect immediate results in our fight for justice, but that continued effort sustained over a long period of time can make a huge difference. I particularly welcome fellow white allies to join us and reaffirm your commitment to creating a more equitable world. The worst we can do is think we've already done enough.

Stephanie Evans