Our Vision

Emboldening urgent action to dismantle white supremacy and save Black lives.

Our Mission

In these troubling times, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless because of the saturation of information coming from all corners. Our collective, @ClaimOurSpaceNow, is a resource and multimedia one-stop-shop for information and inspiration that will educate, motivate, unionize, and mobilize us in the task of dismantling an intricately woven system that was built to keep Black and brown bodies under the foot of white supremacy.

INTERSECTIONALITYis key to ensuring this movement survives!

“Definition of intersectionality: Creating a world where we claim our space and hold space for those who are most marginalized among us, thus creating space for us all.”

We are proud to announce our fiscal sponsorship with New York Theatre Barn whose mission is focused on promoting intentional inclusivity in the theater and beyond

Our Partners